When Fasting To Lose Weight, Remember The Following!

When Fasting To Lose Weight, Remember The Following. Well, Philipus Paracelsus has called it “the best medicine: the doctor inside” and more and more people are discovering that fasting is a way to improve health and lose weight. However, insofar as this method is useful, since it is radical in nature, the use of fasting should be handled with care.

Although fasting is a much greater remedy for our physical and mental illness than all combined medicinal brotherhood medications, for weight loss, or for anything that can be used for it, one must know certain criteria to achieve success in its use.

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These include the types of fasting that one can use, how much fasting, when to fast, and how to fast. My friends, there are several types of fasting that can be beneficial for weight loss.

1. Total water speed: this should be done with extreme caution or in a specialized sanatorium if it is done more than 3 days.

2. The Quick Juice: This is much easier for the general public and you can be subject to it as long as you want.

3. Fast Fruits: This, in fact, is not fast in itself … but when you live exclusively on seasonal fruits for consecutive days … it means individual meals (2 at most) of just one type of fruit, he says Apples in the Fall Summer Watermelon for an additional week, you will be required to see the benefits.

The second and third options are largely my personal recommendations for those seeking to lose weight through fasting. How fast and far in nature the fast should be done carefully, but from my experience with it, here are some tips we hope to start with.

More Tips For Fasting

1. Prepare for fasting by gradually eliminating acidic fast foods and starting to eat raw and cooked fruits and vegetables to begin a smoother cleansing process because these items are the best intestinal cleansers for the colon.

2. Occasionally, after 3 hours of dinner and about an hour before retirement, drink a laxative herbal tea such as “Smooth Move Herbal Tea” during this preparatory stage.

3. Drink 1-2 liters of unflavored lemon juice in the morning to balance chemical reactions within the body and restore them to an alkaline state.

4. Be mentally prepared for the task before fasting.

5. Take it easy while fasting or on a single fruit diet.

6. Avoid using microwaves at all costs – you can’t go into details as this is another topic, but trust me. You want to exclude the use of the so-called resting device not only during permanent fasting.

7. Quickly discard the water using the second type (fasting juice) for a few days, then gradually move on to the third (fasting), after which you can (as I do most of the time) just keep tons of fruit as the core from your diet or include well-cooked roots or vegetables Cooked or raw steam paper.


Whatever you do, please don’t eat unwanted old things again. To briefly explain the reason, here are two quotes: “You are what you eat” and “Make your food your medicine …” I really think options 2 and especially 3 (regarding fasting types) are very easy. to do for anyone. So why not give it a try? I can confidently say that fasting, when used correctly, will not only make you lose extra weight but will also lead you to a cleaner, better, healthier and happier life in no time. This may seem like a big sacrifice when you see the results you will be sure you will be happy with it. Here for your health and happiness.

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