The Best Advantage of Yoga!

The Best Advantage of Yoga!

The Best Advantage of Yoga. Sometimes a voluntary book that can’t be explained can be explained in one sentence! This is true of yoga. Yoga is not a simple word; It is a broad topic with many facets. The clever saying is “Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam!” – It means “work efficiency is yoga!” What you do doesn’t matter. How you do what you do matters! Yoga also means union. Which union?

Where is the union of body and mind? Or the mind with the soul? Traditionally accepted belief (or truth depends on your level of spiritual progress) is the relationship between the living and the divine – between individual consciousness and universal consciousness.


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Yoga is a very broad topic. It is impossible to present even a short article. However, when it comes to yoga, some important observations need to be understood. Yoga has nothing to do with the health of your physical body. Yoga has nothing to do with your mental health. The Best Advantage of Yoga

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Yoga has nothing to do with your intellectual health. Yoga has everything to do with your spiritual being. The last step can only be done then. No confirmations, explanations, logic, or arguments to the contrary can reach you. The field of silence can only be reached through silence!

Yoga is strongly related to breathing. It is the transfer of energy through breathing. Meditation is another intimate street of yoga. You can’t think of yoga if you don’t understand at least a few basic meditation techniques! The spiritual appreciation of the nature of the human body, which constantly governs it, is extremely important for a correct understanding of the various practices that make up the science of yoga.

A word about Karma Yoga. The basic principle of Karma Yoga is, “Do your homework and don’t ask for a reward.” Which young people of the modern generation will adopt this principle? If I do my homework, I want to be rewarded! There are no people who don’t work and still get paid.

The word yoga enters this level of human thought. The correct explanation for this theory of yoga is “do your homework, but don’t ask for a reward.” You will get the right reward at the right time! “Each action has a reaction, and the intensity of the reaction is proportional to the intensity of the action. “Scholars and clergy also agree. One of the rare agreements between two competing forces. Usually opposing forces! If you agree, you don’t think you need to take any action.” ., Good or bad, will she be rewarded in proportion to her worth?

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