Best Supplements To Burn Fat | Lose More Weight Fast 2021

Supplements to burn more fat and lose weight fast 2 or 3 kilos

If you’ve spent this summer and need to quickly shed those extra pounds, take note of the supplements that can help you burn fat to quickly regain your figure.

Supplements to burn more fat

Supplements To Burn Fat. Every day I get dozens of questions about supplements, so it’s time to open Pandora’s box and finally uncover the secrets. Many of the supplements that you will see below have been key during my 65-pound loss and long-term transformation.

After the summer, we have left excesses behind and recovered (or almost) our good habits. We finally return to our schedules, our healthy recipes, and our sleep hygiene, but even so, the telltale scale reveals that there are still a few extra kilos that we want to get rid of, and the sooner the better!

To lose those 2 or 3 kilos that accompany us, returning to our healthy habits by exercising, eating, and sleeping well would in many cases be enough, but time is short and help in the form of supplements will facilitate the burning of accumulated fat from one faster and more effective way. Do not lose detail because, below, we leave you a list of seven supplements that can help you say goodbye to those kilos in less than you think.

1. Caffeine


Yes, you read that correctly, taking caffeine favors the elimination of fat, especially if it is ingested before exercising since it increases oxygen consumption and uses free fatty acids as an energy source, which means that this supplement facilitates the elimination of body fat. It also improves physical and mental performance, raises the pain threshold, and makes the exercise we are doing less difficult and even pleasant.

We recommend that you always take caffeine in the first hours of the day so that it does not affect your hours of rest. You can take it in pill form or, surprise! served in your favorite cup or in your usual coffee shop. Drinking a strong coffee in the morning now has more advantages than you thought, right?

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2. Citrus aurantium or bitter orange

Supplements to burn more fat

Although it has been used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate digestive disorders, citrus Aurantium has an important activating action on the metabolism and also burns fat, which is why it is now increasingly found in many weight loss supplements.

In addition to helping you with possible digestive problems, or simply to improve the digestion process, it also reduces appetite, firms the muscle, and of course favors the elimination of fat thanks to its content in synephrine, a heart-healthy asset that improves lipid metabolism. Learn this name because it will become a great ally to lose those extra kilos in record time.

3. Green tea extract

Green tea extract

You have heard it more than once and it is true, green tea is a great companion in weight loss diets. Whether as a supplement in tablets, pills, or capsules, or in steaming daily cups, green tea helps burn fat and improves exercise performance.

In addition to being rich in antioxidants, green tea extract contains catechins that promote the acceleration of metabolism, thus reducing body fat, all the more reason not to skip tea time again.

4. Linoleic Acid

Linoleic Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an essential fatty acid that is present in small amounts in dairy and meat, especially grass-fed animals. CLA reduces adipose tissue, or what is the same, body fat, increases muscle mass, regulates blood glucose levels, it is an all-rounder supplement! It is also credited with anti-cancer properties like green tea extract and both supplements together are a great option for weight loss.

5. Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit, similar to a mini pumpkin very common in Asia and India. In recent times it has been very successful in the US and international recognition thanks to its slimming properties that they claim are almost miraculous.

What Garcinia Cambogia does is that the excess carbohydrates that we can consume do not transform the body into fat, also reducing appetite and therefore limiting caloric intake. A supplement to keep track of if you follow a weight loss diet.

6. Green coffee

Green Coffee

Although less popular, green coffee has many health benefits. In addition to regulating blood glucose levels, it fights free radical damage (making it a fantastic ‘anti-age’ ) and is anti-inflammatory. Its slimming power is based above all on the fact that it accelerates metabolism and has a great diuretic effect, it is satiating, draining, and is an excellent thermogenic, that is, it causes the body to spend more energy to digest it, thus burning more fat.

From now on remember that green coffee is not another crazy fad, they are coffee beans but unroasted that, being in their pure state, further concentrate the properties of coffee.

7. L Carnitine

L Carnitine

This molecule is manufactured by our own body to burn fat and we can also find it in foods such as meat. Its mission is to send fatty acids to the mitochondria to prevent too much fat from being stored. The lack of production (or intake) of L carnitine would then favor the accumulation of fat to be greater and for these supplements, they are so famous among athletes.

The way this supplement works best is by eating a healthy diet and exercising so that you can benefit from its full potential.

8. Vitamin D + Vitamin K

Supplements to burn more fat

Sufficient sun exposure and plenty of vegetables/fruits in your diet should resolve any deficiencies in these vitamins, yet the D + K combo is still interesting to consider for the potential benefits we see if we look at the available evidence.3

After examining what the weight of evidence currently says, I look with particular interest at Vitamin K2 and its synergy with D and bones.

As always, it will depend on your context, but as a general rule, if you live in an area with little sun, go outside little and/or eat few vegetables/fruit, or you are simply interested in those potential benefits of the synergy between these vitamins, the summary would be:

Bottom line: Take between 1000-5000 iu of Vitamin D and about 1500mcg of Vitamin K2 per day for strong bones. Since they are vitamins that are absorbed along with fat, be sure to take them with food or something that contains a little fat.

To take into account: As always, this does not replace spending time outdoors and exposing ourselves to the sun, just as it does not give you a letter to ‘go from vegetables and fruit’, it is a complement to all that. If you don’t know what dose to take, check with your doctor and take a blood panel before supplementing with anything, as much as we ‘know’ what the evidence says, a guy on the internet shouldn’t tell you what to take or not take. 😉

9. Omega 3 

Supplements to burn more fat

Something similar to sun exposure and vitamin D happens to us with omega 3 and the consumption of oily fish, we do not usually do it often.

If you don’t usually eat fish frequently and want to secure your dose, starting to look at recipes with more ideas can be a step. Another may be to supplement with some omega 3 (DHA) and (EPA).

Why? We have enough evidence to say that omega 3 directly affects the level of triglycerides in the blood, we see a moderate effect of improvement in people with hypertension and there is data to think that it has effects on an emotional level.

Despite all this information, we still do not see a direct relationship in the consumption of omega 3, the reduction of triglycerides and that this synergy prevents cases of cardiovascular diseases, for example. 4

Bottom line: Taking 1 – 3 omega 3s a day can be interesting, especially if your fish intake is generally low.

To keep in mind:  Try that the combination for each gram of fish oil – as you will commonly find it – is at least 250mg of EPA and DHA. Take a look at the label. One gram of oil per capsule? Add up to see if EPA and DHA give 250mg or more.

And it is over!

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