Points To Follow Before Learning Yoga In A Proper Way!

Points To Follow Before Learning Yoga

Points To Follow Before Learning Yoga


Points to follow before learning yoga. Once you decide to practice yoga for better life and spiritual health, you should pay attention to the following things to avoid physical injury or learning yoga in a proper way and if you follow these points you will be perfect in yoga learning:



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In general, people with general health It is advisable to practice yoga. But if you are suffering from some physical problems and use yoga to treat them, then you should follow some precautions as practicing yoga without proper precautions can have harmful effects on the body. The reason for this is that internal organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. can be damaged and damaged if you do not practice yoga properly. Therefore, it is recommended that yoga techniques be used under expert supervision.



  • Correct Tips:

It is important to have a proper trainer to teach you yoga techniques. Typically, people choosing the profession of yoga teachers do not understand the scientific basis behind the practice of yoga and only impose their opinions, likes and dislikes on students. They bring an element of mystery, charge exorbitant fees, and perform rituals and rituals that are not part of yoga.

  • Age and Gender:

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Yoga and Science in Pain Care: 


One can practice yoga regardless of age and gender. However, it is important to note that certain yoga techniques should not be followed under certain conditions. Pregnant or menstruating women should avoid situations that put too much pressure on the stomach. Children under eight years of age should not practice any yoga technique, but should give breath of yoga only after twelve years. Young and old should avoid extreme fluctuating situations. After a certain age, avoid rigorous exercises, but you can practice pranayama, vitality, and simple conditions.


  • Location and Surroundings:

Yoga places should be well protected from animals, rodents, and insects. If you choose the interior room, keep it well lit and it should be well ventilated. If you choose outside, the sea should be calm. But avoid getting cold, rainy, or too hot outside. The land chosen should be clear and flat.

  • Time:

Morning is the right time to exercise as it involves regularity, but you can also choose the time of afternoon as the body is very hot. Your stomach should not be completely full. So if you have food, you can practice yoga after five hours. Diet: Eat a simple and nutritious diet. Do not eat in large amounts. Keep chilies and spices to a minimum. Being vegetarian is not important, but do not eat more than your body demands.

  • Interval:

It is advisable to be regular, but if for some reason, such as a lot of office work or illness or any other reason, you have to leave for a day or two, that is fine. But once the reason is over, go back to your original routine. Avoid taking long and frequent intervals.

  • Clothes to Wear:

Choose lightweight, loose clothes. If you live in hot weather, you can choose a sleeveless shirt or jacket. However, in temperate climates, your clothes should provide protection from cold weather, but at the same time, they should not impede your movements.

  • Seating Arrangement:

Always practice yoga on a mat or carpet, but never on an exposed floor.

  • Organize Different Techniques:

When combining different techniques with yoga such as Surya Namaskar, weight training, etc., maintain a fifteen-minute rest period between the two. When practicing yoga, start with postural techniques, followed by breathing techniques and mental focus techniques in the order listed.


These are the basic and very important Points To Follow Before Learning Yoga. Because without any basic it’s very difficult to learn anything and if your basic is clear or strong you can achieve anything in life.

So keep learning with basics and follow all the above points for better learning or understanding.

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