Lost Book of Remedies

Lost Book of Remedies is your greatest administrator for you to learn to recognize over a hundred plants to treat a variety of diseases, symptoms, trauma, bruises, and more. This lost herbal remedy book is used as a survival guide that contains natural resources that can be achieved using soil plants. This book contains all the information related to treatments, medicinal plants, medicinal plants, and pharmaceutical plants in the garden.

Herbal Medicine


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How Can Lost Book of Remedies Help Me?

This book, which is lacking in ancient remedies, contains all the natural medicinal treatments extracted from different plants that go against all traditional medicines. They don’t just treat symptoms. Instead, it targets the underlying condition causing the disease, symptoms, or illness, while building on the body’s natural ability to repair itself. It makes you live a healthy and vibrant life.

Why Should You Buy It?

Lost Book of Remedies

Claude Davis’s Lack of Herbal Remedies book contains all the treatments and information from the ancient books on medicinal herbs and the use of plants for symptoms of daily life, disease, illness, and other medical conditions. Since traditional medicine suppresses and weakens the immune system, it is best to use medicinal plants to recover naturally from disease, strengthening the immune system.

A great reason to buy the complete guide to the missing old remedy book consisting of 304 colorful pages that identify each plant separately and give remedies in this helpful book. The treatments in this pharmacy ebook are 100% original, medically tested and proven without risk.



What is Included?

This lost book of medicinal herbs is based on five parts.

  1. In the first part, you will learn about the medications that grow in your backyard.
  2. In the second part, you will learn to identify wild foods and treatments of plants available in forests.
  3. In the third part, you will discover wild medicines and background medicines that grow, especially in nature.
  4. In the fourth part, all medicinal and edible trees in North America are given in detail.
  5. In the last chapter, the traditional treatments that our ancestors used for disease and the role these plants play in improving overall health are given.

How Much The Cost?

This book is very reasonably priced. The Lost Herbal Remedies Book PDF and The Lost Herbal Book Cover can be purchased for $ 37. Since there are missing remedies for books in the physical and digital editions, an additional delivery fee is required, which is also very practical and it costs $ 8.99 for shipping and complete handling of the missing herbal remedy book by Nicole Abelian.

The Author of The Lost Book of Remedies

Dr. Nicole Abelian is a mother, herbalist, biologist, survival skills coach, and anthropologist who completed a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, professors from the University of Oregon, and a doctor at Prescott College, Arizona. She lived in Saint Bushmen in the Kalahari desert to study plants and is known to be the best at making powerful treatments for people who face many problems with their health or money or who want to lead a healthier life.

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In 2000, she suffered from MS, which led her to the idea of ​​applying her research skills and achieving health through nature that made her go from being in bed to being fully alive. In 2015, she was the first woman chosen to appear on the best television show “Story Alone”.

Despite having multiple sclerosis, she survived alone for 57 days in a row in an isolated area on Vancouver Island with just a hunting knife and the food and medicine she found in the wild. This is how I came across Claude Davis’s lost book of herbal remedies and started living well to recreate the lost book of ancient remedies in a more advanced version.


What Are the Benefits The Lost Book of Remedies?

These are some of the listed benefits, but by purchasing this herbal remedy book you will discover the real deal. This book is not found in herbal remedies.

  • It is a basic book that harnesses the forces of nature.
  • It protects you from all kinds of health problems.
  • Improve overall lifestyle.
  • It tells you how to grow your medicinal plants.
  • It improves and improves your health by maintaining blood pressure and diabetes levels, preventing inflammation and bleeding, reversing arthritis, and promoting digestion and cognitive abilities, which makes your immune system more durable and fights various diseases such as heart disease, tumors, cancers, and more.

Where to buy Lost Book of Remedies?


Buy on Amazon

The Missing Book of Herbal Remedies is available on Amazon as well as on the official website with a 60 day warranty period with a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


However, there will be no need for this. Buy the lost book on herbal remedies now and get rewarded by two great books worth $ 29 each for free with more knowledge about herbal medications.



So if you are tired of these traditional medicines and the irrational money you pay to treat your ailments then this is the best book for you. This Lost Book of Remedies will help you in a health emergency using natural methods. Since this book is available with a full money-back guarantee, you won’t lose anything if you buy it.

Buy this book and earn rewards and strengths for using your backyard to cure any illness, disease, symptom, or a medical condition you face. This ebook and survival book is what you need, and the organized way it is created makes it easy for people without the knowledge of plants to grow and use in various treatments. So buy this great book now and enjoy a healthy lifestyle to old age from puberty.

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